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Scooters Plywood has Whangarei’s largest range of plywood, both in stock and available from various manufacturers and importers.

If you require other products which are not listed please contact us and we can source them for you. We also cut panels to your requirements and can supply part sheets.

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Construction Ply | Seconds Ply | Interior Ply | Marine Ply | Sign Ply | Model Ply

Contruction Ply

  • 4mm CD UT Construction Ply 2400×1200
  • 7mm CD UT Construction Ply 2400×1200
  • 7mm SS UT Construction Ply 2400×1200
  • 12mm CD UT Construction Ply 2700×1200
  • 12mm CD H3 Construction Ply 2700×1200
  •  19mm CD H3 Construction Ply 2700×1200

Downgrade Ply

We now stock a good selection of downgrade (non-structural) plywood ideal for those jobs that don’t need to be perfect, eg the garden shed, chook house, dog kennel etc. All downgrades are subject to availability, the manufacturers do not intend to make seconds so sometimes there are delays in getting stock.

  • 7mm H3 Downgrade Ply
  • 7mm UT Downgrade Ply
  • 9mm H3 Non-Structural Ply
  • 9mm UT Non-Structural Ply
  • 12mm H3 Non-Structural Ply
  • 12mm UT Non-Structural Ply
  • 12mm UT Eliteline Paintgrade Ply V-Groove wall lining
  • 19mm H3 Non-Structural Ply
  • 19mm UT Downgrade Ply
  • 22mm H3 Downgrade Ply
  • 22mm UT Downgrade Ply

Interior Ply

  • 3mm Caravan Ply (Various Colours and Patterns)
  • 3mm Caravan Ply Beige Linen
  • 3mm Pacific Maple Ply
  • 4mm Flexiply Cross Grain (Bendy Ply)
  • 4mm Flexiply Long Grain (Bendy Ply)
  • 3.6mm Polyply White Matt

Marine Ply

  • 4mm Meranti BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220
  • 6mm Meranti BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220
  • 9mm Meranti BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220
  • 12mm Meranti BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220
  • 18mm Meranti BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220


  • 1.5mm Okoume BB Marine Plywood 2440×1220
  • 3mm Okoume BB Marine Plywood 2440×1220


  • 4mm Okoume BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220
  • 6mm Okoume BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220
  • 9mm Okoume BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220
  • 12mm Okoume BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220
  • 18mm Okoume BS1088 Plywood 2440×1220

Model Ply

  • 0.8mm Birch Model Ply
  • 1.2mm Birch Model Ply
  • (Sheet size = 1270mm x 1200mm) Can sell strips multiples of 100mm wide.

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