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Glues and Adhesives

We stock a complete range of glues and adhesives for the Joiner, Cabinet maker, and the home handyman. They are available in quantities from 100ml up to 20ltr’s. If you need advice on what is the correct glue to use for a certain application our staff will be pleased to advise. If we don’t know the answers we know the people who do, and can contact them to get the information you need.

Our Stocks of Adhesives Include:Glues and Adhesives


  • Contact Adhesive Roller/Brush 4ltr
  • Contact Adhesive Roller/Brush ltr
  • Contact Adhesive Red Spray 20ltr N150R
  • Gorilla Glue Polyurethane 1ltr
  • Gorilla Glue Polyurethane 500ml
  • Gorilla Grip 310 Cartridge 1hr Cure
  • Gorilla Grip 310 Cartridge 10min Cure
  • Kleiberit Clear Gran Glue 20kg
  • Kleiberit White Gran Glue 25kg
  • Roberts Melamine Board Adhesive 1 ltr
  • Aliphatic PVA 4ltr
  • Aliphatic PVA 1ltr
  • Glaze Away Cleaner 5ltr
  • Glaze Away Cleaner 1ltr

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